Kymera's Magic Wand is a universal remote#

The Magic Wand is a a buttonless remote control that can learn up to 13 infrared (IR) codes from existing remote controls and replay those codes when the user makes one of 13 predefined movement "gestures."

Alright Harry Potter fans, admit it, this is pretty damn cool. Who doesn't want to turn their volume up by making circular motions with the wand, or switch between two channels by snapping the wand at the TV? Sign me up.

(Obviously this begs to be hidden when you have guests over.)

Nerd Venn diagram#

Could I be any geekier? OK, so maybe I'm not so smart, but damn if I'm not obsessive.

Squarespace launches new blog importer#

In March, on Twitter, I said the following: " is kind of blowing my mind, but all of that control and no way to modify permalink structure or htaccess? damn it!"

It looks like Squarespace's new import tool might do the trick, and as far as I know, Squarespace is the first of the hosted blogging platforms (e.g., Tumblr,, TypePad, Posterous, etc.) to provide this sort of feature. From the announcement:

For users with custom domains moving over, we actually use the URL structure of your existing site and create mappings for every single one of your old posts — automatically. This ensures that when you move your domain over to us, in most cases, all links to your old posts will work, and nothing will break.

Awesome! I'm curious to hear about real-world experiences with the new tool. The last time I moved between systems (Movable Type rarr; Wordpress), I decided to change my permalink structure — I removed the day from the URI — and had to come up with an automated way of mapping the old URIs to the new ones using htaccess rules, which rules persist to this day in my current (and very long) .htaccess file.

I Am T-Pain, an auto-tune app for the iPhone#

Introducing the first iPhone app to give you Auto-Tune in the palm of your hand. You can sing along to T-Pain's hits or create your own.

For better or worse, this will be all over the bar/karaoke scene within the next 24 hours.

BookArc notebook stand#

You might remember my post from early this year in which I asked: Have a (Mac) notebook "dock"/stand you really like? In that piece I mentioned the beautiful (but very expensive) Balmuda Floater, and the less inspiring (and much less expensive) Power Support Docking Stand.

I think the BookArc might be the perfect compromise; it looks great, costs just $49 and includes "three different sized scratch-free, silicone cushions" to ensure a perfect fit.

If you've any experience with this product (especially with regard to the 15" unibody MacBook Pro), please let me hear from you (email/Twitter).

twIP, a Tweet-sized IP stack#

twIP is a really, really tiny IP stack, written in 128 bytes of C code - small enough to fit in a Twitter message. Ok, so it is very far away from a real IP stack, but it can do the first task of an IP stack: respond to pings. The entire source code can be found in this 128 characters long tweet.

IBM takes first 3D image of atomic bonds#

That B&W structure is an actual image of a molecule and its atomic bonds. The first of its kind, in fact, and a breakthrough for the crazy IBM scientists in Zurich who spent 20 straight hours staring at the "specimen"--which in this case was a 1.4 nanometer-long pentacene molecule comprised of 22 carbon atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms.

This is the coolest thing you'll see all week.

The making of "The Goonies"#

The director, Richard Donner: "The uniquest part of working with this many kids in a film is that every night I'm contemplating suicide."

Well, thanks for sticking it out. "The Goonies" probably is my favorite movie of all time; it's infinitely watchable and every viewing takes me back to my childhood.

Dirty coding tricks#

When the schedule is shot and a game needs to ship, programmers may employ some dirty coding tricks to get the game out the door. [H]ere are nine real-life examples of just that.

I could read this sort of thing all day long.

Best of Wikipedia#

A twice-daily updated collection of some of the best reading on Wikipedia.

I need to figure out a way to auto-Instapaper these as they are published.