May 23, 2006
Nike+iPod. "You don't just take iPod nano on your run. You let it take you. Music is your motivation. But what if you want to go further? Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach. Your personal trainer. Your favorite workout companion. Introducing Nike iPod."

Costs associated with becoming a [patent] attorney

May 22, 2006

To say nothing of undergrad costs, the following are the expenses I've incurred (and will be incurring for years to come) with regard to law school and related requirements.

  • Law school tuition: $90,000+
  • Law school books and study aids: $4500
  • California Bar study materials: $4000
  • California Bar application: $529
  • California Bar moral character evaluation: $431
  • California Bar fee to use a laptop on the exam: $150
  • California Bar initial registration: $75
  • California Bar LiveScan (fingerprint scanning): $18
  • California Bar MPRE exam: $55
  • California Bar admissions certificate: $69
  • Patent Bar study materials: $830
  • Patent Bar application: $240
  • Patent Bar fee to take the exam: $150
  • Patent Bar fee to get your USPTO number after passing the patent bar: $100
  • Cost-of-living in Silicon Valley: $$$$$


Thanks dad

May 22, 2006

Yesterday, a couple of hours before my girlfriend and I were to get dinner with my dad (our last before he had to head back to Florida), he bought me my [surprise] graduation present, the Sony Bravia XBR LCD HDTV I've been salivating over for the last few months (beyond its feature set and technology, I challenge you to find a better looking enclosure). We got it up and running as soon as we got it back to my apartment, and, well, it's awesome(!) -- the over-the-air HDTV signal is sick.

Though it will be tough to part with my TiVo, I'm going to move to Comcast's HD DVR setup as soon as possible.

Beating Traffic

May 22, 2006
Beating Traffic. "The world is full of traffic and people who hate it. This article analyzes a year of data to determine if minor tweaks to departure times can significantly impact commute length - or if it is all out of the driver's control."

I've just graduated from law school

May 20, 2006

From computer engineering to law, it seems that my days as a student have finally come to an end -- I walked across the stage earlier today and tossed my last cap. I'm no longer a student. Wow, I get a knot in my throat just thinking about it.

Time for a long break! Oh, erm, right, bar study courses start Monday! FUCK.

On a somewhat related note, these past few days have obviously been pretty hectic, so please accept my apologies if I've held on to your e-mail longer than usual (as always, I will reply... eventually).

Anyway, I'm off to do "family" stuff with the girlfriend's family and my dad.

Soliciting tripod recommendations

May 18, 2006

UPDATE: Good lord, response to this post has been, well, overwhelming. It's kind of hard to believe that the question could generate such a reaction, but it seems that everyone likes to talk about tripods. Tripods!?! Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback, and, as usual, I'll likely write something up about whatever I ultimately decide to buy, though I think I've much more research to do than I ever anticipated.

I'm in the market for a nice tripod for my Canon 20D. I've done absolutely no research on this (and hope I won't have to), so it's kind of hard for me to even say what I'm looking for. Briefly, I don't want anything too large, heavy, or cumbersome, and I want to be able to carry it around for a couple of hours without constantly complaining1/thinking about it. If you've any suggestions, please drop me an e-mail or leave an audio comment. Thanks.

  1. I'm pretty sure I like to complain, so this element might be hard to meet.  :P   

The Peer to Patent Project

May 16, 2006
The Peer to Patent Project. "The Community Patent Project aims to design and pilot an online system for peer review of patents. The Community Patent system will support a network of experts to advise the Patent Office on prior art as well as to assist with patentability determinations." I'll likely do some sort of write-up on this when time permits -- I've much to say.

The day Costco won my heart

May 15, 2006

So, last week I went to Costco to pick up a few Ahi tuna steaks (this has become somewhat of a ritual the past couple of months) and anything else that looked good along my trek from the front of the store to the seafood section. As I made my way up to the checkout line all I could think about was the $1.50 coke/hot-dog combination they offer at the snack bar and how I didn't want to wait in line to get it, but knew that I would because I'm a fat bastard (not really).

Imagine my surprise when the guy ringing me up asked if I'd like to buy something from the snack bar; I thought it was because I was salivating out of the side of my mouth thinking about the hot-dog, but as it turns out he was asking everyone the same question. After looking at him quizzically, I said yes and he proceeded to ask me what I wanted. I replied, he added it to my bill and told me that I could pick up my order from "that line." He pointed to a people-less line (an oxymoron, I know) directly next to the line with 632 weirdos salivating over a stupid hot-dog.   :P

Needless to say, this simple, obvious bit of automation and efficiency warmed the cockles of my heart (did I really just say that?) and has forever endeared the wholesaler to me (at least until everyone else wises up and the two lines become indistinguishable, at which point I will officially become a salivating weirdo again).