Kindle iOS app can now manage emailed content

December 27, 2011

This is kind of a big deal, especially for those that don't have a Kindle device and instead just use the iOS app. As you guys know, each day I send a ton of articles to my Kindle, and until just a few days ago those articles could be read only on the device itself, because content not purchased from Amazon didn't get synced with the various Kindle apps. With v2.9 of the iOS app that's no longer the case--non-Amazon content is automatically archived in the Amazon Cloud (including last page read, bookmarks and annotations) and (re-)downloadable on the app.

While I don't see myself using this too much (simply because I prefer e-ink for all of this stuff), it's pretty cool that in a pinch I can pick up my iPhone or iPad and read something I've sent to my address.

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