Rampant incestual molestation and rape in the Amish community

August 06, 2011

When Mary's brothers began raping her, she turned to her mother[, Sally,] again. [She turned to her the first time when was five, to tell her that her dad, Sally's husband, was molesting her.] Sally scolded the boys and gave them what Eli described as a light "mother's tap." She also gave them an herb that she hoped would reduce their sex drives. When the abuse resumed and Mary went back to her mother, she said Sally responded, "You don't fight hard enough and you don't pray hard enough." [...]

Mary warned the ministers that she would press charges unless something was done. Nothing happened. So Mary went to the police. After the detectives came knocking, the community voted unanimously to excommunicate Mary.

Beginning at age 11, Anna was molested and raped for years by her older brothers. Her mother wouldn't hear any of it:

When [her mother] Fannie found out about [Anna's discussion with Children and Youth Services], she and Anna went with 13 other kids to the home of John Yoder, an Amish dentist who lived an hour and a half away in the town of Punxsutawney... Anna watched as the other kids each had one or two bad teeth pulled. When it was her turn, Yoder shot some novocaine into her upper gum. She shook her head and told him that two of her lower teeth had cavities. He shot the lower gum, and asked Fannie which teeth should go. Anna's mother answered, "Take them all," and Yoder pulled--along the upper gum, along the lower gum, until every tooth was gone. "After he had pulled the last tooth," Anna remembered, "my mom looked at me and said, ‘I guess you won't be talking anymore.'"

Anna bled for three days. Her family ignored her, except to periodically hand her a drink.

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