Ben Brooks is now blogging via TextMate (and now I'm not the only one)

March 31, 2011

Ben lays out how he's using Keyboard Maestro to draft/publish regular and linked-list posts via TextMate. A little over a year ago I outlined how I draft/publish via TextMate, first describing how I accomplish this when using Safari/WebKit, and then explaining a similar solution for Chrome/Chromium.

The main difference between my methods and his are that I use custom blogging bundle templates, AppleScript, JavaScript and FastScripts, whereas he uses just a single Keyboard Maestro macro. (Also, mine grab the title of the page as well.) I dare say his solution may be a bit more elegant. Hrm.

(All of that said, I've been back in MarsEdit's capable hands for a while now, and rarely blog via TextMate anymore.)

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