NetNewsWire on the iPad

April 21, 2010

It's a great 1.0 release, especially in light of the platform's novelty, but I've a few niggles:

  • Can't view items in chronological order (i.e., oldest items first), only "reverse" chronological order (i.e., newest items first). I first mentioned this in August 2008 in I ♥ NetNewsWire (on the iPhone) and then again late last year in Thoughts on NetNewsWire 2.0+ for the iPhone. Apparently no one at NewsGator thinks it's important for an app — whose sole purpose is to present ordered information — to present it in the order it's published. (Note that NNW/Mac allows for this, as does almost every other RSS reader on the planet.)
  • Hate having to confirm "mark all as read" every single time. It's insanity.
  • Can't mark an item as unread.
  • No way to set "Don't show in iPad" (at any level, i.e., folder or feed).

On the iPad I currently use NewsRack (formerly Newstand). I really dislike its icon and some of the color choices, but it takes care of most of the issues listed above. In any event, both of these are just stopgaps as I wait for the Reeder iPad app.

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