Khoi Vinh's thoughts on the latest NetNewsWire beta, which is supposed to sync with Google Reader

August 02, 2009

No sooner had I launched this new version and entered my Google Reader information than NetNewsWire, in synching with my Google Reader account, began to effectively destroy the careful organization of all of my subscriptions that I've worked so hard over many months to perfect. It took only a few minutes before my entire corpus of RSS feeds was disassembled and rendered almost useless.

This is a horrible and incompetent way for software to behave, and it leaves me thinking that this version of NetNewsWire easily ranks among the most carelessly destructive I've ever encountered.

My thoughts exactly. I had a similarly terrible experience, summarized by the following tweet: "um, new greader/nnw syncing thing just lost ~150 of my feeds. i think i might be on the verge of tears. GAH!" (Not for nothing, but I eventually got most everything back to normal after exporting from Fever.)

When I first heard that NetNewsWire was going to sync with Google Reader, I was pretty ecstatic, because 1) I love Google Reader on the desktop and 2) I love NNW on the iPhone. With this news, I thought I could have the best of both worlds: GReader on the desktop, NNW on the iPhone and data synced to some cloud in between. Unfortunately though, after my train wreck of an attempt at this, it still seems a pipe dream.

All of that said, I will say that GReader on the iPhone is slowly but surely becoming less annoying, and actually is kind of a pleasant experience these days, at least via WiFi.

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