Googling with Bing

June 26, 2009

So remember, the next time you Google something, Google it with Bing.

Hahaha, College Humor bringing the funny. All joking aside though, and my, um, general and constant disappointment with Microsoft notwithstanding, Bing actually is quite good. Recently on Twitter I said, "as soon as Bing launched I set it as my default search engine [because I kept hearing such great things about it] and really have no complaints so far, which is, uhh, amazing."

It's amazing 1) that I changed my default search engine at all (I've been using Google almost exclusively since before it was even a going concern) and 2) that I just don't have much to complain about regarding Bing. I search for stuff, and it finds it for me, quickly and without any fuss. You can't ask a search engine for much more than that.

(It's kind of blowing my mind (and surely Google's "mind" (see what I did there? ;)) that this conversation is actually happening.)

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