Designing the UI of Things for the iPhone

October 02, 2008

Speaking of Things, it's fantastic (save the name). In fact, I actually ditched OmniFocus for Things a couple of months ago. Crazy, right? I know, especially after shelling out $100 for OmniFocus (Mac OS X + iPhone), but, well, I really like Things… and it's beautiful.

However, it's not without its faults, and the one that absolutely tears me up is its inability to sort by due date! Huh? This is a to-do application; I should be able to go into the "Next" focus and sort my tasks by the date they're due. In all seriousness, I spent half a day trying to figure this out, thinking all along that I was doing something wrong, that there was no way this feature had been left out. But, it had been.

Relatedly, this functionality is in the iPhone app.

I know someone at Cultured Code is reading this — please spend the four seconds and three lines of code it's going to take to give us due-date sorting for, you know, your to-do app. Please.  ;)

Update: Cultured Code tweeted the following just eight hours ago: "Things desktop: Added a mechanism to filter and sort by due date." Nice. Release it!

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