MS Exchange email drafts on the iPhone

July 13, 2008

The iPhone's built-in support for MS Exchange is great, and has worked for me without issue since setting it up yesterday. That said, there is one niggling nut I'd like to crack, if possible.

Let me start by saying that I'm pretty sure the problem isn't on Apple's end; I think it's just how Exchange handles the situation, though I have no real experience with Exchange and can't say for sure (please correct me if you know).

The issue is that when I save drafts of emails on a computer other than the iPhone, those drafts, while "available" on the iPhone, act like emails I've received (though they are devoid of sender information); given that copy/paste is still a pipe dream on the iPhone, the drafts are effectively useless (i.e., I can't send them!).

There is a similar issue going the other way as well; that is, when I create a new email on the iPhone, and save it as a draft, that draft never appears on any of my other Exchange-aware machines. On the iPhone, a new "drafts" folder appears in the folder list (for those counting, there are now two folders named "drafts"), but I don't think that folder talks to Exchange (i.e., it's the local-only drafts mechanism built into the iPhone Mail app).

So, the question is this: how can I get the iPhone Mail app to treat Exchange-created drafts as drafts?

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