UPS and the art of sorting nearly a million packages a day

June 30, 2008

During the course of moving off the 90 aircraft they've come in on and are immediately heading back out on, each of those 800,000 to 900,000 packages [winding their way through Worldport, UPS' air-distribution facility,] are touched by human hands just twice, once at each end. [The facility] can handle as many as 416,000 packages an hour.


[Worldport] has 30,500 conveyor belts that comprise 170 total miles of belts. There are 326 different positions for unloading packages and 1,480 for loading. And there are 8,372 tilt trays sorters, each of which delivers a package into the hands of the person who will ultimately place it into the bin that will then be put onto an airplane.

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