Incrementalism and the new new thing

March 30, 2008

When Facebook doesn't deliver world peace, and FriendFeed fails to be better than sliced bread, what will we do?

An astute observation from Jeff Nolan, and something I've been feeling for a while now, namely that the web space is becoming a bit boring and everything is starting to bleed together.

Consider Twitter, arguably one of the simplest, most talked about web services of the last year. While I love the service, and use it constantly, it's not all that exciting from a technology standpoint, and to that end it offers little novelty over similar services that have been around for years (think of it as one-to-many IM, or IRC with public channels collapsed into a single user). In fact, Twitter's 140-character limitation is, debatably, its only real (consumer-facing) "innovation."

The deltas are approaching zero.

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