Similar Posts

October 29, 2006

Ever since I started keeping my linked-list posts within the weblog CMS (and not, I've run the following in the side menu of individual archives where I usually display "possibly related" posts:

This is currently disabled and will probably remain so until I have time to hack up the Related Entries plugin to make it aware of categories; I want to exclude the linked-list posts from its results.

A couple of weeks ago, Robert Marsh e-mailed me to let me know that he had done this very thing with his Similar Posts WordPress plugin, which is a modified version of Related Entries. I just wanted to note that it works wonderfully out of the box -- the "possibly related" section of my side menu is again alive and kicking. I should also point out that the plugin no longer needs to be run after an iteration of the "WP loop," something for which I explained a workaround in my initial Related Entries post; apparently the apostrophe error was fixed somewhere along the line too.

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