Most likely to succeed

March 29, 2005

Earlier today a good friend of mine sent me a couple of pictures that had me laughing 'till I cried. I'm assuming these were taken when I was in 8th grade (1993), which would put me at ~13. I think the first picture shows me about as "dressed up" (come on, there's some semblance of a collar there) as I got in those days (it was required for the shot, much to my opposition). I'm apparently still rocking the "skater cut" at this point, though it looks like I'm in serious need of getting the sides shaved (see second pic for a better example).

As a side note, the other most-likely-to-succeed person in the first picture is a good friend of mine and we actually lived together for some time during undergrad. The best(?) part is that both of us are still in school.  :)

Justin - middle school - most likely to succeed Justin - middle school - eating

That's me on the far left.

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