Fiesta Bowl!

January 03, 2003

If you aren't watching the game tonight you should be shot. It's gonna be a great game. Well, maybe not (can anyone beat the 'canes?), but it's going to be fun to watch regardless. If it's half as exciting as the FSU-UM game earlier this season, we are in for a good show. Though the Gators should be playing this game instead of Miami (BWAHAHAHA), they aren't, and so I'm left to cheer for the Hurricanes. Go Florida.

I've come across what are probably the most interesting chapters of the Secrets of the Tomb book today — Chapter 5: The Secrets of Skull and Bones and Chapter 6: The Network. These chapters delve deep into the stuff I am most curious about: the twice-yearly meetings for all of the patriarchs, the "Life History" sessions, the Bush [and other promiment family] affiliations, etc. Not only were a lot of the rumors I had previoulsy read about debunked by this book, but many things I was unaware of had light shed on them. It's been a very entertaining book.

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